Free hosting – does it really exist?

In order for your own web project to be accessible on the Internet, a suitable web hosting is required. Some offerers lure their customers thereby with completely free offers. But is there really the possibility to publish your own website without restrictions and for free on the Internet? The following article clarifies.

Hint: This article is only about free hoster, if you want a regular hoster find them at The offer of Webhosting packages is connected for the Webhoster with a high expenditure. In addition to the actual servers with hardware such as processors, RAM and hard disks, a corresponding infrastructure in the form of a computer center with redundant data networks and a fast connection to the Internet must also be provided in order to be able to offer web hosting packages. And these are only the technical requirements. In addition, there is a high administrative effort, because the entire company including customers must of course be organized and managed.

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So you soon notice that webhosters have to spend a lot of resources in order to be able to offer a functioning webhosting to their customers. Usually, customers are offered web hosting packages for a certain monthly fee. Nevertheless, there are always offers on the Internet for free, where customers are promised a completely free web hosting. At first sight these offers seem very tempting, of course, but if you are planning a serious web presence that goes beyond a simple hobby blog, you should rather look at these offers twice. Basically one gets indeed the possibility to publish own contents without costs in the internet, but the free webhosting packages usually come with a whole bar of restrictions. These are to be taken usually also only from the small print and not directly obvious.

What should be taken into account with free web hosting?

Free web hosting and chargeable tariffs differ in different areas. Among the criteria, which should be considered with the decision between a free or a liable to pay the costs Webhosting, the following points count among other things:

One of the decisive points is performance. While customers are assured of a certain performance with chargeable tariffs, customers have no claim to exclusive system resources with free web hosting. As a result, restrictions in loading times and often in accessibility have to be accepted.

Customers are also limited when it comes to functionality when it comes to free hosting. This is not even about special functions, often there are even absolute basics such as script language support or MySQL databases, which must be dispensed with in the packages.

Configuration freedom
While paying customers can adapt the design of their website almost without restrictions to their own ideas, customers often only have a small number of prefabricated designs available for free hosting. An individualization of the own web presence is therefore very difficult.

In order to finance the offer of free packages, users often have to accept advertising. The provider displays advertisements on his own website, which are often annoying and dubious for visitors. For commercial appearances this is definitely a KO criterion.

Anyone who wants to use a unique domain cannot avoid additional costs. Every domain name on the Internet must be ordered from the responsible registry and is always associated with costs. Web hosting can only be operated completely free of charge if a so-called subdomain of the provider is used.

In contrast to paid webspace packages, Free Hosting does not offer any support whatsoever. If there are problems with your own website or unexpected questions arise, these can usually only be discussed with difficulty in community forums. Paying customers, on the other hand, benefit from the customer service of their provider.

Provider of free web hosting

Meanwhile there are numerous different variants of free Webhosting. Depending on the planned project and your own technical knowledge, different providers can be considered. Basically it can be distinguished here between two Webhosting methods.

On the one hand, there are providers who provide a kind of homepage construction kit. This is a software that allows the creation of a website via drag-and-drop editor without any programming knowledge required. The created websites can then be published free of charge. If you need more services such as individual designs, special functions or a unique domain name, you can also switch to a chargeable tariff. Well-known providers of this type of free web hosting are homepage building kits such as Weebly or Jimdo as well as so-called free blog providers such as or, which specialize primarily in free blogs.

  • On the other hand, there are providers who only provide the web space itself, but do not offer the possibility to create a website.
  • Here customers themselves are responsible for the creation of their own content.
  • Content management systems can be used or one programs the own web page, if one has the appropriate knowledge, and can upload these afterwards on the Web space of the offerer.
  • Well-known providers for this type of free web hosting are so-called free hosters such as or, who specialize in free web space.


Free web hosting does indeed exist, even if as a customer you have to reckon with strong restrictions in some cases. For the first steps on the Internet, the implementation of small test projects or the operation of an exclusively private homepage, the offers represent an attractive alternative. However, if you want to run your own web project without restrictions, you will quickly reach the limits of free hosting. Here it is recommended rather to use a classical chargeable tariff. With the help of our webhosting comparison a suitable package can be found also to favorable monthly costs.